Self-Defense Articles

These self defense articles cover a broad scope of self defense and martial arts related topics and will provide some insight to Sammy Franco's unique Contemporary Fighting Arts self defense system. New self defense articles are added frequently so check back often for additional interesting topics.


What is Contemporary Fighting Arts

Reality Based Self Defense

The Art of Combat Innovation

Finding a Good Self Defense School

CFA Frequently Asked Questions

Handgun Self Defense

How to Use a Punching Bag

Striking First in a Street Fight

Pressure Point Fighting


Kubotan for Self-Defense

Martial Arts

Submission Fighting

The Open Challenge

Punching Power

Home Invasion

Stick Fighting

Self Defense


Martial Arts Equipment

Mixed Martial Arts

How to Punch Correctly

Knife Fighting

Dealing with the Police

Combat Visualization

Our Self Defense DVDs

How to Fight

Knife Defense

Double End Bag

How to Street Fight

Killer Instinct

Street Fighting Techniques

Combat Conditioning

Street Fighting





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