Disaster Preparedness


Just about everyone will agree that terrorism and natural disasters are a grim reality of the 21st century. The horrific tragedies that took place on 9/11 will forever change us. Are you and your family prepared for the next terrorist attack or natural disaster? What preparations have you made for yourself and your loved ones?

We truly love our country and while our government does everything in its power to protect us from such disasters, there is no telling how long it will take for help to arrive. Hurricane Katrina aptly demonstrated FEMA's dilatory response. The bottom line is, we are responsible for our own safety. Remember, only you can guarantee your own survival.

Are you prepared for these disasters?
Nuclear Terrorism
Biological Terrorism
Chemical Terrorism
Super Storms
Volcanic Super Eruption
Food Shortages
Prolonged Power Failures
Breakdowns in Law and Order
To this very day, there are some people who consider the concept of disaster preparedness to be over reactionary or a symptom of "doomsday paranoia". Perhaps they should tell that to the souls who were murdered on 9/11 or the numerous victims who suffered and died from Hurricane Katrina.

Why do some people question the necessity of disaster preparedness? Perhaps its because it threatens their sense of security and questions the effectiveness of our government and its designated authorities. Regardless of the reason, those who question the critical necessity for individualized crisis preparedness are naive fools who simply live in denial.

Now is the time for you to make a choice. Do you take the gamble, throw caution to the wind and hope that fate does not rear its ugly face in the course of your lifetime? Or do you take responsibility for the safety of you and your loved ones and develop a plan of action. In the final analysis, the only thing that's for certain is that our future is uncertain!

Contemporary Fighting Arts (CFA) is much more than a combat system. It's a true paradigm of self preservation. Not only do we teach our students to survive a violent street fight, we teach them to survive. Its no wonder that disaster preparedness is a vital component of our system. Our disaster preparedness program (DPP) has no religious or political agenda. Our goal is to simply provide you with the most up-to-date disaster preparedness tools, information and skills. Period! Our unique disaster preparedness program is just another element that separates CFA from any other martial art or self-defense system.

"A danger foreseen is half avoided." - Thomas Fuller

Welcome to Pandora's Box™

The Department of Homeland Security Advisory System strongly recommends that every household in the United States prepare a family emergency kit. This kit should include essential survival supplies that will improve your chances of survival in the event of a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

Contemporary Fighting Arts (CFA) unique disaster preparedness program is called Pandora's Box*. This exclusive DP program is designed to get you and your family through a disaster safely.


*"According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to create her as vengeance upon man and his benefactor, Prometheus. The gods endowed her with every charm, together with curiosity and deceit. Zeus sent her as a wife to Epimetheus, Prometheus' simple brother, and gave her a box that he forbade her to open. Despite Prometheus' warnings, Epimetheus allowed her to open the box and let out all the evils that have since afflicted man. Hope alone remained inside the box."

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