Fight Choreography by Sammy Franco


As the motion picture industry marches into the future, directors and film producers understand the critical importance of authentic fight choreography. As a matter of fact, it's not uncommon for production studios to now feature real combat experts in many of their action feature films. The bottom line is, authenticity means credibility and credibility means quality!

Sammy Franco offers authentic fight scene choreography for both motion pictures and television. With over 30 years of experience in the combat arts, Mr. Franco's extensive background in the field of combat sciences is unparalleled. As a combat choreographer and fight scene consultant, Sammy can add a variety of unique elements that can enhance the quality of your action film. His forte also includes: combat reenactment, historical martial arts reconstruction and futuristic combat methodologies.


Mr Franco offers both armed and unarmed fight choreography including:

  • urban combat
  • street fighting, bar fights and barroom brawling
  • knife fighting & edged weapon choreography
  • military combatives
  • specialized security details
  • hand guns and long guns
  • police and law enforcement tactics
  • boxing choreography
  • martial arts styles
  • ancient warfare and tactics
  • mixed martial arts choreography
  • stick fighting/bludgeon and improvised weaponry choreography
  • submission wresting/grappling/ground fighting choreography


To discuss your production needs with Mr. Franco, feel free to contact our office toll free a: 1-877-232-3334 or e-mail us.