Fight Music

Fight Music is a great way to add spice to both your gym workouts and your combat conditioning program. While there is a lot of music out there, specifically finding hard core fight music can be a real chore. Why would a MMA fighter or martial artist want to listen to fighting music over other genres of music? Well, when you engage in any serious workout or regimine, you must create the "ideal mental climate" to maximize your training gains (i.e., adding muscle mass, losing bodyfat, increasing your punching power, etc).

In the gym or at home, there are too many auditory distractions. It's really difficult to train like a warrior when Celine Dion's latest hit is echoing in the gym or when two couch potatoes are talking about the Sunday ball game? There are just too many negative auditory stimuli in the gym that will distract you (both consciously and subconsciously) and suck the intensity from your combat conditioning or MMA training session.

"Your physical performance and mental attitude can be dramatically enhanced by fight music.  It is my experience that training to fast, rhythmic music works wonders for conditioning training,  while hard-driving aggressive rock music works best for proficiency and street training methods." - Sammy Franco

Unfortunately, the problem with most commercial music CDs is they contain weak lyrics, passive tempos and themes which are incongruent to "hard core" training. How many times have you been working out and you're forced to hear the "emasculating sounds" of Britney Spears and wanted to fling your dumbbells through the gym speakers!

When training (lifting weights, running or practicing martial arts) you need fight music music that will grab you. But not just anything will do, you need aggressive, inspirational and powerful tunes that will energize, inspire and motivate you to become the best athlete you can be. Keep in mind that Fight Music can be used to improve your Combat Visualization skills as well as your street fighting skills and technqiues. I discuss the importance of fight music for street fighting and self defense training in my 1001 Street Fighting Secrets and War Machine books.

In Contemporary Fighting Arts we consider fight music to be a legitimate piece of martial arts equipment. It's no wonder that we have a complete fight music library that will inspire and motivate you to be the best athlete you can be. We actually have four unique fight music albums to choose from from our CFA website. They include:

Time to Kill
Warriors Crucible
Symphonyof Vengeance
Eveof Destruction

Good luck in your training!

- Sammy Franco (CFA Founder)

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