Heavy Bag Combinations: The Ultimate Guide to Heavy Bag Punching Combinations (Kindle Edition)
    Close Heavy Bag Combinations: The Ultimate Guide to Heavy Bag Punching Combinations (Kindle Edition)


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    The Ultimate Guide to Killer Heavy Bag Combinations
    Heavy Bag Combinations is the second book in Sammy Franco’s best-selling Heavy Bag Training Series. This unique book is your ultimate guide to mastering devastating heavy bag punching combinations. Practitioners who use this guide as a reference tool will quickly improve their heavy bag training skills. In fact, the punching combinations featured in this text will dramatically improve your fighting skills, condition your body, and breathe new life into your current heavy bag program.

    Achieve Maximum Training Performance 
    Heavy Bag Combinations will help you achieve maximum training performance in a variety of activities including, boxing, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, self-defense, and personal fitness.

    30+ Years of Research, Training and Teaching Experience 
    This one-of-a-kind book is based on self-defense expert, Sammy Franco’s 30+ years of research, training and teaching the martial arts and fighting sciences. He has taught these unique heavy bag skills to thousands of his students and now he’s finally put them down in a comprehensive book.

    A Heavy Bag Book for All Skill Levels! 
    With over 300 photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions, Heavy Bag Combinations provides beginner, intermediate and advanced heavy bag workout combinations that will challenge you for the rest of your life! In fact, even the most experienced athlete will advance his fighting skills to the next level and beyond.

    Infinite Combinations Means Infinite Heavy Bag Workout Programs
    The best feature of this book is Franco’s “combination blending” formula that teaches you how to easily create an infinite amount of unique punching combinations. The result - an unlimited number of heavy bag workout programs. Whether you need stand-alone heavy bag combinations or a comprehensive heavy bag training program, you will find it in this exceptional book! 5.5x 8.5 softcover paperback edition, photos and illustrations, Kindle Edition = 248 actual pages

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