Spiderco Enduro 4 Tactical Trainer Knife
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    Non-sharpened blade allows safe practice of personal-defense skills and is great for teaching knife safety and handling Mechanically identical to the live-blade Endura 4 and featuring the exact same weight and balance Red fiberglass-reinforced-nylon handle clearly identifies it as a training knife Mid-positioned back lock with David Boye Dent locks blade securely open and prevents accidental closure Four-position pocket clip supports tip-up/tip-down, left or right-side carry. Trainers or drones are non-sharpened knives that allow for the safe practice of personal-defense skills. They are also ideal tools for training novice knife users the proper methods of safely handling knives. Mechanically identical to their live-blade counterparts, trainers enable the user learn deployment techniques, perform drills, and develop confidence and muscle memory with a high degree of safety. The Endura 4 Trainer is an exact training The blade has holes machined into it to ensure that it has the exact weight and balance as the 'live' model. Bi-Directional grip texturing on both sides of the handle guarantees a secure grip and the red-colored handle clearly identifies it as a training knife. A four-position clip supports all carry options.

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