More Customer Testimonials

"Mr. Franco, I am extremely satisfied with the teaching on your videos. The information and the techniques are straight-forward and effective with no BS! I am confident that if I apply conscience effort to practice the techniques on these videos that I will improve dramatically as a fighter. I have already learned things in concept that some go a lifetime without learning.There is much confusion in the Martial Arts world today as in the world in general. I am thankful that CFA is committed to dispel the confusion, and in the process save some lives. It has been said: "Simplicity is Truth's most becoming garb". Let others live in fantasy land, I enjoy reality. Thank you."

-Nick C.

"Sammy, I just got When Seconds Count as my second gift. This book should be mandatory reading, not only for those who are personally interested in self-defense, but for everyone who has a family to take care of. Thanks for the great work."

--Mark R

"Just wanted to let you know how I felt about your new stick fighting video. Another great tape! I know very little about stick fighting, and this tape gives you exactly what you need to get started and dismisses many of the untruths out there. This tape may not give an experienced stick fighter many new tips, but for the beginner it is a phenomenal start. Sammy, I would like to commend you on your great teaching ability. As one who went to Teacher's College and now teaches in a classroom, you get to see some of what makes a great teacher. You have those qualities! During the tape, you took many opportunities to stop your students and correct them, or explain in greater detail the intricacies to your material. You also explained concepts in many different ways to ensure that all people watching had a clear understanding. Bravo Sammy!"


"Sammy, I just wanted to again say thanks and let you know that your FIRST STRIKE video is EXACTLY the type of tape I was looking for - this is hands down the best instructional fighting tape that I have ever seen. The bonus seminar footage was a great addition as well. I know that you hear this all the time on the boards and emails - just wanted to add my name to the list. I've been studying MA et al for almost 20 years, and no BS - I'm really impressed by the substance you convey. Keep up the great work - more tapes will be added to my collection shortly! Best regards."

- Brian (Elkton, MD)

"Hello Sammy, I'm pleased to let you know that this is the fastest shipment I have ever received from the USA. The videos arrived yesterday morning and are in good condition. I spent the whole of yesterday evening watching all four tapes, and I'm planning to go for second and third and fourth viewing ASAP! You cracked me up at the end of C&C II with that "war baby" thing."

- John

"I popped in Groundpounders as soon as I got it. This tape is great! Beside seeing the teaching in action, your post analysis is invaluable. Pointing out many things I would never have thought to look for, and giving pointers on what to do instead. For those interested in learning what goes into a fight, what can happen during a fight, and what not to do/to do in a fight, this is the tape! Sammy this tape is great! Take care and thanks again."

- Shawn

"Dear Mr. Franco, thanks for all the advice about palm strikes. I am following the War Machine conditioning and it is great! The fat is going down slowly (I suspect the sugar in the Cell Tech, just like you said), but I am increasing my lifts every time (which amazes me). I plan to order a lot more of your great programs as I can afford it (3 kids). Anyway, THANK YOU!!

P.S. Have you ever wondered how many lives you have saved, between the exercise and the self-defense courses? Bet it's quite a few!

-Bill P.

"I ordered two video tapes from you (First Strike and Ground Fighting Basics). I was apprehensive about them because of the low price. But when I got my order they were awesome. The quality is much better than your competitors and Mr. Franco is an incredible teacher. I will be ordering your Thracian program next week. Thanks a lot."

Tim G. - Mc Comb, MS

"I recently ordered the First Strike and Groundpounders tapes after seeing them on your web page. To tell you the truth, I was leery of the quality. Boy was I surprised when my order showed up in well under a week, and both tapes were outstanding. I hope you guys use my testimonial on your web page. Thanks you."

George M. - Cohoes, NY

"Hello Sammy, I received your warmachine and warcraft book last week. Congratulations on your work. They are probably the best self-defence books i've ever read but why aren't they "real Books", just loose pages in a file? Best wishes"

- Hendrik

"I received my Thracian War Machine order and was extremely delighted. Initially, I was worried about ordering on-line. In your case, it was unwarranted because it was everything you advertised it to be. Thanks so much."

William M. - Smyrma, GA

"I recently received the Ground pounders tape that I ordered, and I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of the material and the superb editing . I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical when I saw the prices you charge. I thought that for this little amount of money I would not be satisfied with the merchandise. Wow, was I ever wrong. I judge a company on three things. The value of merchandise offered, the prices charged, and the service given. You have passed with flying colors on all points. I have told all my buddies about you guys."

Daniel W. - Ohio

"I recently ordered your ground fighting basics videotape AFTER searching several other sites on the Internet and looking at combat grappling tapes. I have to admit I was a little worried that your low prices meant low quality... fortunately, I was wrong! My order was processed the middle of last week and I received my tapes today, Monday! The tape is loaded with principles and concepts that I have never seen before. This will give me the edge that I need! Thanks. P.S.--I just placed an order for your thracian program!"

Joe C. - Alexandria, KY

"I got my war machine tape series today when I went home for lunch and was completely shocked. I was blown away!! The tape quality is great and the price was very reasonable. I am reading the book as I watch the tapes. Needless to say, I will be ordering from you again- I now have my eye on the Samnite program ! I just want to thank you for quick shipping and the excellent quality!"

Brian B. - Spencerport, NY

"I ordered you Thracian Program from your War Machine company and I would like to thank you for the quick shipment of these tapes. I also want to take a few minutes and let you know how pleased I am. They are very high quality and I know I will get years of use from these insightful tapes. I am very impressed with your business and your customer service! My wife also ordered your When Seconds Count book (by the way, can we have it autographed by Mr. Franco?). Keep up the good work and I will definitely order from you people again."

Sean V. - Silver Spring, MD

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! My ENGAGE WITH RAGE tape just arrived and everything is just like you advertised. I can hardly wait until I get my War Machine T-shirts (I just ordered two shirts today). I will we ordering from you again and again. You guys are wonderful. A sincere thank you."

William N. - Yakima, WA

"I had ordered self-defense video tapes from other companies and was terribly disappointed. In all cases, the quality was lousy and the material was often improvised. So I guess you could understand my apprehension when I decided to order one of your War Machine programs. Man, was I all wrong. I was very pleased to finally receive TOP QUALITY self-defense tapes. The video tape and sound quality are the best and Mr. Franco has obviously put a lot of hard work into the production of his tapes. I am going to give your web address to all my pals. You have the best tapes I have found anywhere."

Ken C. - Newark, DE

"Mr. Franco, I just finished reading your book, First Strike, and watching Rat Packed and First Strike. I think that both the book and videos should be required reading/viewing for everyone who trains in self defense. I should tell you that I have taught self defense professionally since l989. I am the founder and director of ESCAPE Self Defense. Obsessed with finding the "ultimate system", I drove myself to bankruptcy by buying every new video and traveling to train with the "names". I have hundreds of videos, read hundreds of books, trained with "the greatest martial artists of our time." I understand why you are not on the cover of Black Belt Magazine: you and your work are a threat to the status quo. As Plato stated so long ago, brave people will leave the cave when they realize they have been watching shadows on the wall. As more and more honest, seeking martial artists read and see your work, I believe the McDojos and "masters" will be exposed. I am also grateful that you are teaching law enforcement, as the D.T. training I have had is sorely lacking. For the past thirteen years, I have volunteered my services with all the Metro Atlanta Rape Crisis Centers and battered women's shelters, and I wish I could purchase all your materials to donate to their community resource center.

I thank you Mr. Franco, both for your life's work and for not giving up. I am grateful that I ordered your book and videos (I still have Control & Conquer to watch!)."

-Lorne Coleman, (Director ESCAPE Self Defense Programs)

"In a nutshell: Your First Strike tape is very well made. And your service was as fast as I've ever experienced. Please accept this electronic handshake and my thanks. Regards."

Paul J. - Canada

"Hello, I Just wanted to say thank you for the speedy turnaround time in getting my war machine program. With service like that, you've got customers for life! I've got the tapes... I guess War Machine jackets will be next. I will be buying again from your web site!"

Hector V. - Huston, TX

"I just finished your War Machine video tape program and I am just AMAZED! I wish I knew about your WAR MACHINE tapes before I wasted my money on your competitors. I have forwarded your website to all my friends. I hope they don't make the same mistake that I did. Once again THANK YOU!"

-Mike I - Honolulu, HI

"I received both War Machine Control and Conquer video tapes today. They are exactly what I hoped they would be. I always thought Krav Maga knew what they were talking about, but there is a new guy on the block and his name is the WAR MACHINE......its the best around. My check is in the mail for your Thracian video tape program. Can't wait to get it!"

Craig O. - Anamosa, Iowa

"I am pissed off! I just got my program and absolutely love it. Yes, I LOVE IT! So why am I so mad? I wasted hundreds of dollars buying martial art video tapes from other websites. Now I see why Mr. Franco's War Machine is the real deal. No bullshit......just real hard core combat training for people who want to come home alive!"

Leo C. -Roswell, GA

"The War Machine Thracian program rocks. My wife thinks I'm nuts, so I know that I am on the right course! Wait till she sees me in my War Machine leathers. Mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahah!"

The Enforcer

"After about three hours searching through many martial art sites your war machine tape series seemed to be the best price and exactly what I was looking for. The Thracian program arrived today and I could not believe it, the tapes actually far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend this site to all my friends, for quality and affordable self-defense video tapes. Keep up the good work."

Jeff L. - Stamford, CT

"I received your War Machine IN YOUR FACE video yesterday and had to e-mail you immediately. Mr Franco is by far the most innovative combat instructor of our time. I have just ordered your Hoplomachus video tapes and eagerly await them. Thank you again for your affordable products."

Larry D. - Denville, NJ

"Thank you for being so prompt with my order and for confirming everything. I look forward to doing more business with you!"

Tommy M - Ventura, CA

"I ordered the thracian program for my husband and he loves it. Your staff was extremely helpful and pleasant, and we received the videos in one week as promised! It was a truly a pleasure doing business with you."

Brenda A. - Rush City, MN

"I cannot understand why Mr. Franco's instructional tapes are not available to the mass markets. People are truly missing out!"

Jacob T. - Daytona Beach, FL

"Mr. Franco, I just recieved War Machine and the First Strike and Groundpounders videos. They were exactly what I was hoping they'd be. =) Bravo! Very good stuff on these videos. First Strike gave me some more drills to work with, and I am enjoying War Machine and GroundPounders too. Thank you very much for your quick responses, and fast delivery. Keep up the good work!"

- Bill