More Customer Testimonials


"Good morning/afternoon Mr. Franco:

I have reviewed your page in the past (War Machine in particular) but made the vital error of not following through on contacting you concerning your programs. I paid for it yesterday when I was sucker-punched by someone in a parking lot. I saw nothing coming and even glanced down to my cell phone after he began taunting me. That is when I took the shot to the face (he ran off and sped away, all on tape by the way). I needed no stitches and will be fine (which surprised me considering he stood at about 6'4" and I am 5'8") and have a good outlook on what happened. Be that as it may, I looked back and have seen so many holes in my approach to the matter (guard down, not seeing the intermittently-balled-up fists as a sign, and a few other miscues) that I decided I will not remain ill-equipped for such instances.

Once this happened I felt hollow, to be frank. I am solid for my height (~200lb) and I was a Correctional Officer in my twenties (34yo now), so my acquaintances always see me as a tough type. Maybe it was complacency that got me the cut on my nose and the swollen lip. I tried to de-escalate verbally and back away, but when I had to stop for the parked car behind me things went downhill. I feel more like an idiot than a victim, as I know I have the basic physical capabilities to prevail in such situations (sound body/mind, in good shape, etc.), but did not have what builds upon those strengths (mindset, attention to the entire situation, true fighting ability, etc.)

I have been over your site for the past six hours this morning and am confident that I will get to where I need to be with your programs. As I reside in California, I will be limited to your books and videotapes but this is no discouragement for me. When I saw the link to ask for help in making up my mind I jumped. This is my chance to make up for lost time, so to speak. I apologize for the rambling, but I felt compelled to give some background in order to show my sincere desire to improve my current situation. This attack was my wake-up call! When possible, please take a look at the above and give me your recommendations. You have so many resources that I want to know I am beginning in the right place. Until I hear from you I will be adding in more training to get my body as strong as possible in order to prepare for the programs. I look forward to working your programs into my life."

- Sincerely, Ken

"Sammy, I just wanted to say thank you, I have not yet purchased any of your training materials but I just wanted to let you know the impact that this website alone has had on my life. I have realized that a lot of personal problems that I have had in my life are only there because of fear of confrontation that was instilled in me at a very young age, also I was always taught that if you are a person who stays way from conflict then violence will stay away from you, try to explain that one to the innocent victims of New York city. It's pure dumb luck that I am still alive today with these weak pacifist blinders I have been wearing all my life. I was beat up pretty badly by a bunch of guys at a party when I was 20, then my brother died of cancer 2 weeks later and I've been in an altruistic trance ever since and I have always been very skeptical of most martial art philosophies, to make matters worse when I was 28 I started taking "self defense" classes at a gym I was working out at in Alaska (I was a bodybuilder type back then so I guess I supposedly looked tuff) anyway the instructor of this class thought he would use me as an example of how to take down an attacker who has you in a bear hug, mind you the rest of the class were all great lookin females, I was the only guy. He proceeded to throw me to the ground head and neck first, I learned what it meant to see stars, not only could I not move my neck for the next four weeks but this only verified my skepticism even more of the sanity of martial arts instructors. Now at the age of thirty five I decided to take another look at self defense, so I get on the net and try to find something I can learn at home and the first thing I come across is CFA! Sammy you have shown me exactly the training that I never thought I would find, but not only that! Reading this critically thought out information has brought me out of a funk that had me looking in the direction of suicide as an option to ending my backlog of personal problems, Sammy like I said at the start of this long rambling, thank you! Not only from myself but also from my wife and children, I'll say thank you for them, you saved there fathers life from 3000 miles away with your inspirational thinking, again - thank you!"

- Adam

"Mr. Franco, my name is Matt. First off, I really enjoy your site and your information. I wish there was a Contemporary Fighting Arts school or training academy where I live. I would love to train with you guys. I really like your approaches, thoughts, and spirit. Which leads me to my question. I am currently working on a modern martial arts site developed to provide the changing world of martial arts with information on training, fighting, combat, and more. I have read some of your articles and think they are great. I would like to quote or feature some of your articles on my site, but provide you with the full credit and link. I do not want to steal any information, or not give you guys the respect you deserve. Thank you for your consideration."

-Matt F.

"Dear Sirs, this is the best combat websites that I've yet to see. Very raw...indeed. I am ordering the samnite program by Xmas. Love the baby with the middle finger. In your face.....all the way. Sammy has raised the bar - again!"

- 2002 Bouncer

"The baby giving the finger is priceless. Its exactly how I feel about the martial art industry. Its defunked and morally bankrupt. No integrity and warrior truth. I am trashing just about all my other combat sites from my favorites in my browser and just sticking with war machine.....cant wait until the other links are open...especially worthless bastards...god only knows what that will be about. Thank you Mr. Franco for the War Machine."

-Jerry F.

"Hello Sammy: The website is well done and gives good information. It appeals well to those who are looking for solid information without the fluff. Some may feel it is not politically correct, but there is just so much you can butter up real violence. I hope to see more articles, information, from Sammy Franco."

- John

"Excellent site!! I Like the "no nonsense" approach you seem to boast... and I like your concepts and philosophy. I'll will be visiting often."

- Dave S. SFC (Congress Knife Fighting Instructor)

"I have to say, this is one GREAT SITE! I have been training in the martial arts for about ten years and enjoyed it very much. I still do very much enjoy training. Your view on street fighting is true and you tell it like it is. Unfortunatly, there are a lot of martial arts instructors out there who do not see the truth...Keep up the GREAT work...I would be very interested in going to a seminar in New York City. Thanks and God Bless!"


"Love your work Sammy - finally got the War Machine book. I love the War Machine T-shirt with the jester on it. Thanks again, and best wishes for the New Year."

-Tim O

"Great site. I haven't found anything quite like it on the internet so far! I live in Yonkers, New York, which is right outside of New York City. I was interested if you will be holding any seminars in New York City. Thank You!"

-Joseph B.

"At last!!! Finally a website that isn't afraid to tell it like it is and doesn't care who reads it. I have been saying many of the same things for years! I will definately be ordering your book soon. Thanks for enlightening others."

-Mark B

"Mr. Franco, I appreciate the reality-based and very well thought out system you teach and see many of the exact same phrases I used to describe why I left martial arts schooling when they pushed me up the belts and asked me to jump over a row of people like a circus cat. I have a better understanding of what your training has to offer and I would like to observe some training taking place, or attend a training session with you. I will call again, but I wanted to give you a heads up. I'll call again soon. Have a good day."

- Jeff G.

"Hi Sammy, "War Machine" is awesome - the kick-in-the-ass attitude adjustment I really needed. When coupled with learnigs from "1001 Street Fighting Secrets" and "First Strike", I feel like I've discovered a whole new side of myself, somebody I've always wanted to be: someone that you know shouldn't be messed with or taken lightly by just looking at them - ordinary enough on the surface, but there's just something "primal" underneath that keeps trouble away."

- Brian. S

"...having served in the U.S. Army (28th Division), it makes me laugh to see the hundreds of so-called "self-defense" gurus out there who claim to teach methods usable in "any situation". Most martial arts are so set in stone they can't be applied to changing threats and circomstances. Finally here is a real, no-nonsence site dedicated to cutting the CRAP and showing the brutality of modern unarmed combat. What I wanna know is have you guys had any military training ('cuz you come from a perspective it seems you do) and how do you think US armed forces training stacks up in the real world? Thanks for a great site!"

- Ozone Kid

"Dear Sammy Franco, Hello, my name is Brian and I've been a believer in your concepts since 1992. I'm a black belt in Isshin ryu karate (big whoopee), And I found out that about 75% of what I learned was useless in a "real life" altercation. I grew up in the inner city of Chicago, where it was get tough or die, or join a gang and die anyway. However I know first hand how people fight, and the dojo don't cut it. I bought your first two books "street lethal" and "killer instinct", just by reading your books changed my way of thinking about unarmed combat and the types of "assailents" I could encounter. I'm writting to ask a few questions of you if I may? First, I was under the impression from your first book, that you were against locks and throws in a street fight, but when I visited your website you now teach "grappling" techniques, what changed your mind if it ever did? Second, I will be buying your book "war machine" when I get back to work could you recomend a sample diet of what foods I should eat as a fighter? third, do you teach the corkscrew punch (boxing), if not, why? I'm sorry Sammy for such a long e-mail, I know you are a very busy man, but if you could find the time to respond it would make my day. Thank you for your time. God bless you."

- Sincerely, Brian P.